What is the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

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The best age for breast augmentation varies depending upon the individual. But patients should be over 18 years of age so that full development of the breast has occurred, in addition to being psychologically ready for a breast augmentation procedure.

Having stated the above, a good age for many patients to get breast implants is in the early 20's when most have not yet undergone childbirth with its attendant changes to the breasts. Also, this is a time of particular self-esteem sensitivity and having larger breasts can restore the confidence needed to maximize one's sense of sexuality and sexual attractiveness.

Some patients are ready for breast augmentation only after childbirth(s) when the breasts have lost volume and are also often sagging. It is important to point out that while breast augmentation, and sometimes lifting, will restore the desired appearance of the breasts, future pregnancies may further affect the breasts in size and/or drooping.

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