Thigh Lift Surgery

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Patients who have lost a large amount of weight, or who have hereditary and/or aging degeneration changes in the thigh skin, especially the inner thighs, can benefit from thigh lifting. Because of the long scars, even though they tend to be somewhat camouflaged, this procedure should not be taken lightly.

The Operation

The operation can be performed in the office operating facility under general anesthesia. For the inner thigh lift the incision extends from the groin to the back thigh. For the outer thigh lift it extends high up on the outer thigh, so as to be hidden inside a bathing suit.

Post-Operative Course

There will be bruising for a few weeks, as well as swelling. Stitches are removed in two weeks. Exercise is discouraged during the first month.

Before After
New York ThighLift Surgery New York ThighLift Surgery

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